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who we are

Professional TV wall mounting services, to complete smart home automation, with IP cameras and multi zone/source technology. The Richey Group, LLC is the professional choice for all of your home entertainment needs. With our experience, we have taken these variables into consideration and will state that the price we quote is the price you pay, never a dollar more. Other companies may give a price over the phone and hit you with an up charge while on premise. Protect yourself with a company that will do you right, always.

We understand that every time you show off your new flat panel HDTV, speaker system, etc that you are complimenting our work. All wires will be neatly organized and dressed. You will be shown how everything works and given suggestions on how to optimize your overall experience.Over Fireplace Installation Package. Includes everything needed to mount your TV over the fireplace. We offer several mount options, HDMI Cables, Power Solution (hide all wires), surge protection and professional Installation.

Our specialty is helping you get the most from your theater equipment and home automation design. Always going the extra mile to optimize your viewing environment. The difference is experience.

why choose us?

Never be afraid to ask questions about your installation. Call us today for examples about project specific example questions. (860) 704-9442.

Upon arrival, your home will be treated with the utmost respect. Shoes come off if necessary, clean debris as work proceeds and questions answered. First class quality and value remains the benchmark of our services. Pride in a job well one will always suffice with the return of customer referrals.

The Richey Group, LLC is the professional choice for all of your home entertainment needs. We ensure that you get a safe and proper installation every time.

– Ben Richey, President

Included with Our Services and Installations: